Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ironi of Life

Living in the foreign country is like living in the heaven. Going back again after finished the study surely brings back again the reality of life, and we (not just me) realized that. We called it another type of culture shock, to adept with our own life situation. The most shocked situation is our take home pay will be reduced (well, the denomination is actually bigger but the currency is different...hehehehhe). It created a big adjustment for us. Some are complaining but this is the real life of us. Saving is only dream.

Another things are the crowded of motorcycle and the traffic jam. I got headache because of those and wondering how come I survived before this, then I remembered to forget all the traffic situation and try to enjoy it. Look at the new building, count the number of selected store or restaurant, find the number of the street, try to imagine the taste of the food (hihihihii...) are the examples of spending time in the traffic.

In the other way, I blessed that I am here. I don't need eight or twelve dollar to spend for lunch...only one to one and a half dollar with so many variance of choice, and with 8 or 12, I can treat my family and friends.

And talking about ironi of life, I was so sad when I saw some kids in the street and they were smoking!!!....what a waste .....It made me numb and cannot say anything. Then I realized (again) that I am in the reality of my life.

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ambar ariseno said...

welcome home, Ning.... kangen euy... sekarang di Pusat ya??