Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to Work's been a long time that I am not visiting this blog and someone reminds me to start again writing....and as well with my purpose to practice my writing, I must write again. Next goal is to publish my writing in any publications.

Since May 5, 2009, I went back to the office after being abandoned (I like the terms...) for almost 4 months. I was feeling secluded and isolated because with two others graduates, we were placed at the meeting room that so hot without proper ac. Fortunately (or unfortunately...), as a consequence of new member, We did not have any duties or tasks (haaaa......).

After a week, the authorities placed us in special task force with another 15 people (imagine the condition of room..). The three of us are pointed to responsible of them. To guide, to share, to direct and another thing tasks.

Then, meeting and meeting are became daily menu...(waks...), not so busy but so so.

On the other story, going home with the bus that take more than two hours is another exhausted experience. Two years I skipped this activities and it is quite hard to start again.....first week, I needed to treat my feet with salt and warm water, koyo and param kocok (wuahhhh.....). Back seat at the bus is always my favorite seat but I cannot avoid if the bus is old and I need to stand, the height of bus is less than mine so it was killing me with neckache. And that the reason why I can sit patiently in the bus stop to wait at least one empty seat.

Another thing, my salary is normal without any reduction per June 2009 (horaayyy..). Although if I compare with my forthnighly payment, it is a declined take home pay (pasti lah..) but it is better than January to April' salaries.

There are so many things to do that I must catch up that related to my organization: info, people, rules, habits, knowledge and I still feel left behind and need hard work.

After all, it is nice to go back to work after (let's me count.....) 4 years* (!!) not connected with the office.

PS: * Why 4 years? I just need 1 year for my programs but start from Mei 2005, I left my office then 6 (or more) months at IALF then another year back to Senen just to prepare my IELTS and went at January 2007, back again Mei 2007 for doing nothing and flied back at January 2008 and finished at January 2009......see 4 years (ok.... 3 and a half...). No wonder I am blank at the first meeting in my office..

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