Sunday, August 15, 2010

A thought in the early morning

Well, actually nothing serious that I want to share with you in my writing this time. Last time I posted at this blog on March when I didn't do anything but now already August 2010, so many happens in the last five months.

The current change was I got my promotion...I am Head of Section now (yeeeyyyy), although only Head of Section in General Affairs but I am grateful with that. At the end of June and at the beginning of July, I got a change to visit South Korea (another dream comes true...) after my OECD course was cancelled. Another things, I bought Ipod Touch that I still didn't touch until now because disinformation about this product ( almost 2 weeks...... it looks like Apple forces their customers to be more diligent to read).

Since Wednesday August 11, Moslem are fasting....and now is the 5th day of Ramadhan. Hope I can through this month without any obstacles. Ramadhan brought back my memories to do fasting in Australia in 2008........brrrr....I don't want through that situation again when I was alone and feel so empty.....

Temptation of continuing education came to tease me when my friends asked me to help them to register their application......but regulation in my office forbides me to do that until next year and my doubt maybe contributes to apply my doctoral program.....(xixixixi I wonder do I have enough courage and confidence to apply Phd??)

Next October 2nd, STAN will conduct big reunion. We planned to attend it with our community

November 10 t0 15, I will be abroad if Ministry of Finance allows and agrees, I am scheduled to visit Budapest, Hungary.....Can't wait to get new experiences...but again..don't expect too much...

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