Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's catch your dream....upgrade all the time

For me, learning and studying are hobbies that will last forever, never ending enjoyable activities......well, it's quite silly actually because some of my friends will make a comment like: "when you work...or you always study...". And I just smile on them.

Let me count, after I finished my highschool, I continued my study at State College of Accountancy (STAN) after took one year break(hehehe no uni accepted me). On the second grade, I got my status as government employee so since 1995 I was already civil servant. Graduated on 1996, I worked 2 years before I took my extention program at FEUI Depok, at the same time I applied Diploma IV at STAN so in 1991 to 2001 I went for FEUI Extention Program and Diploma IV to get my Bachelor Degree. Finished all the courses (hehehehe I cannot imagine that I passed all the courses both), I worked again for 5 years before someone slapt on my face to remain me that I should continue my degree (Lebay mode). So since 2004 I started to apply my master program. Two unies from two countries rejected me and my third application brought me to Oz from 2007 to 2008. So, in total of 15 years work exeperience (1995-2010), I spent 40% on study....we called it as formal study.

In my 60 % years of work, off course I had time to do internal course from my office, one day training, two days workshop, seminars, consenyering, internalisation, short named it and I can say that I am through all that kinds of stuffs (xixixixixi...). I called of that kinds of course as a upgrade time.

And talking about upgrading, this status always connected to me. My last short course was in South Korea from June 24 to July 9, 2010. Yes, you can say that I am lucky but actually it is not easy like that. There are so many preparation to do before I got a change to do the course. My basic tips to everyone is to have passion of study so you will aware and always prepare to take any change that available.

Last month when I got promotion, I thought it was my ending time of joining courses.....but I was wrong......For one month work, I already took three kinds of workshops.....pfuihhhh...I think I am overwhelm with courses...(Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....xixixixixixixi).

So, for all my friends......Let's cacth your dream by upgrading all the time.

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