Friday, July 25, 2008

When you feel a satisfaction…*

As a normal person, you and me, we have our needs and wants and that will give different results of satisfaction. The level of satisfaction depends on many things, commonly the more wealthy you are, the more difficult you get your satisfaction because you are becoming a demanding person that has higher standard of wants and needs…. but it depends on the personal. And because we just a human being, I believe that our satisfaction will never be met as long as we still have wants.

In one side, there is a positive effect to put high on wants and needs, it means that you must work hard and create extra effort ( hi this is a familiar term in my office..) to reach and get your needs and wants and that is never ending story. On the other side, sometimes we feel so tired, stress, hopeless, desperate, defeated, lonely, loser, and others negative feeling and those can ruin you and your self confidence. So dangerous….

How about we reverse our thought, do not state our expectation and target to measure level of satisfaction but let’s count what is our achievements and try to be grateful of what we got. Hmmm..yes.. I agree with you that you will be surprised of that.

So make it simple...let's be grateful by counting what we already got but not we should get....isn't it easy? what do you think...

*) the question came from judge from Miss Universe 2008, I think she is the winner.


Anonymous said...

Some times I think that some guys have all the luck. They get whatever they want. Silly, but true.

By definition, there is some people who get what they want, some don't get it, some get what they don't want, and others just don't get nothing.


Sri Rahayuningsih said... not complaint sister...We have our own fortune. Believe it that Allah SWT already write it up for each of us. It is a matter of time.

Keep fighting and be optimistic !!