Monday, July 28, 2008

Book Reflection: Twilight in Djakarta by Mochtar Lubis

I found this book in Tweed Library “Bruce Graham Library” with cost only A$ 1 for three novel books. It is a translation book from Senja di Djakarta. By reading the title(and nice cover book) I knew that this is the old book, translated by Claire Holt and published by Oxford university Press (imagine…Oxford...) in 1963. The first impression was this book like other culture book, I thought, just light reading that to entertain purpose only, but I wrong.

Just last night I finished the book after I ignored it for almost two weeks (well, actually I should finish my assignment but the book tempted me more…..). The story’s background was Jakarta in year 1960 when Indonesia is still looking the best form of governing the country (I think it is still up to now). After finished it, I got conclusion that the story scared me, really…I do not making it up…because it talked about reality…not just the past reality but it can apply to present reality or maybe the future (gosh…I hope not).

Basically, the story tells about corruption, how rich people can get wealthier with only the easiest way (another fraud) while the poor people works very hard just to fulfill their basic need (just for food), how servant service traps in corruption circle because of wife’s demand and the other person works without get any compensation that made his wife cheat on him, how young people tries to contribute to their country instead of only ended in meeting without any action, how dirty the politic and how great effect of the press and what happens if the press can be misused to gain themselves and women were only means and always be a STD (sexual transmitted disease). Oh so terrified…..

I saw repetition here…and I can only just pray…please…not again. What is written in the book should be not only a warning and a big red alert but also became a guideline for not to do like the way they did to our country.

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