Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramadhan: The Blessing month

Time flies so fast and now is the 16th day of Ramadhan, the first experience of fasting far from families, friends and familiar surroundings in Tweed Heads, Australia. Fortunately, this Ramadhan is in Spring (or still winter because is soo cold), the fasting time just like in Indonesia from 4.30 am to 5.30 (or around that), but there are so many differences in here.

First, I think I am the only one in my class that do fasting, so I still can smell good coffee in the class (my fortune heh) and all people still busy to do their lunch and their activities with food and drink and even just now in my university, we had fusion day that presented international student’s cultural that, of course, including to provide different tastes of foods from different countries (hiksss..). but never mind, I must survive.

Second, I missed my families (Bapak, Mama, my sisters and brother). Sahur is the most important time, it looks like we catch up each other and share our experiences and stories from workplaces or schools. Ramadhan is the time when my friends and I made appointments to break fasting together (Epoy, Yanti, Didi, Saumty, Dewo). But, in here, I did it my self (so empthy…) and for breaking fasting hiks..(gosh.. I am bored with my own cooking heheheh). Lucky me, at the first day of fasting, I was invited to join Mrs Fauziah and her friends at her restaurant (Ms. Fauziah is the frontier of Indonesian citizen in Gold Coast that owned Indonesian restaurant, Bali Hut that closed to Twin Town ..thank you mam.. It made me feel I have family in Australia).

Third, I missed adzan and all telly programs that accompanied us when we take sahur or break our fasting. Again, after eight months I never heard and missed a lot of adzan, we (Inca, bude and I) were invited to join breaking fasting at the 6th day of ramadhan in Arundel Mosque close to Southport by Mrs Fauziah. We lifted BMW (what a fancy car...for real). All my thirst and hunger of adzan fulfilled and of course, my stomach (hihihi…) and not mentioned so many handsome men (ups..).

Fourth, this is a dangerous one, because the weather changed from Winter to Spring and this is my first experience of the weather, I must make adjustment of it and believe it or not, I always feel cold and when I am cold, I will feel hungry and because this month is fasting, I cannot eat or drink and then I feel dizzy and cannot think or study because after finished two classes on Tuesday, I got headache (well, I am not blaming the fasting month). The solution is I must study after breaking fasting but (again… making reason) I feel sleepy.

Basically, I missed ramadhan’s ambience in Indonesia where we celebrate Ramadhan together. Well, another question for me: where I should pay my “zakat fitrah” then (another homework for me).

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Anonymous said...

hellow....break fasting itu buka puasa toh....gw pikir "sedang sarapan"...**bedanya anak beasiswa ama bukan siswa ya begini ....wakakaka

met puasa bu