Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Motto: Conquer yourself, Do not expect too much, Expect for nothing but be grateful for whatever you received it.

You must be wondering how come I can define and put a quite long quote for my motto of life and the reason why, but those are what I got from my experiences. No kidding. Those motto made me who am I now. Some people said I am too independent, highly self confidence and maybe some people thought that I am quite arrogant by stating that. But I am telling you, it is not easy to have enough confidence and independent, always look at positive side and optimistic but at the same time must put your self in other people position, humble, caring for other, not materialistic and comprehend other and also not judging others and always open minded.

First, conquer yourself means that you can do anything, there are no limitation of that but sometimes you (or in this case, myself) always make reasons not to do that actually can do. It also teaches you to comprehend and understanding more about yourself and found the way to reduce or erase the obstacles that come from inside you (or me) like if you always delay your tasks, you know you will involve in trouble if the due date come and maybe in order to conquer yourself, you (or me) will make schedule, try to finish the tasks a little by a little, make a preparation and hopefully the tasks will be finished on time. Furthermore, the motto gave me encourage to try everything (in positive things) and nothing wrong to try accept that you will gain your skills and experiences and trust me: practice makes perfect.

Second, do not expect too much, hmmm what can I say? This motto is really really helping me a lot to cover the reality. I never have so big difficulties. Life is sooo easy for me and I try to make as an easiest way to get the solution over my problems. Thank God, I think I am far from stressed and as a return, you will face the life more easily and hopefully life will give you back its kindness. The last motto is be grateful and that is not easy to do. We (read: me) are humans and like to make comparison with each other as a result you feel deficiencies for everything. I did that sometimes, but then I started to counting my lucks and kindness from God…(wow I got so many…) and then I feel safe and comfortable with what I have now.

Learning from your own experience is the best teacher that the adage said but for me, the bad or even the worse experiences should not be experienced by yourself, you can learn those from others and hope you never have those same situations. Being an observer to other people and trying to understand what the reasons behind others’ actions are my favorites. There are so many people that we can learn from them, put the bad ones and take the positive one. Never underestimate other people and take attention to common people and low ranks in the organization because we can learn more from them and they are sometime more welcome than higher ranks people or important people (of course..).

Well, hopefully my sharing can help others and tell you the reason why I became what I am now.


sTart w!th h0us3 said...


Sis ,great n pleasure to know U at Ur blog.
My name wieda, i like Ur motto a Lot , ,it implies on my life right now ,, ,so if u don't mind , , ,i wanna put ur motto at my thesis ,,can I ??
Sowrry, o offense.



Sri Rahayuningsih said...

Hi Wieda,

Nice to meet you....please use whatever motto you like..