Saturday, October 18, 2008

Confession from deep inside of my heart

When I saw the picture, I am surprised that you are not changed so much…I still can recognize you and suddenly all the memories came back and I cannot help my self to smile and laugh if I remembered at that time (while in back…song ‘heart of mine ‘by Bobby Caldwell played…).

People will say that I put too much on my expectation if I told this situation but I did it in purposes because I believe that this is only dream that never come true and I used it to encourage my self at least at the same level of your achievements. You are too good to be truth but I needed that. You were the reason I woke up early and eased my laziness if I felt reluctant to go for my lecture.

Believe it or not, you are one of many role models that I have. I planned myself to become just like you……fluent in English, graduated from advanced level of our internal institution, had a professional degree and title, strong and charismatic personality and combined with a bit of arrogant and high self confident while still in good looking and charming.

Wow…fifth ten years ago and how times flied so fast…… seems I fall in again….

PS: dedicated to him and please my best friends who knew this story….stop laughing.

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