Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cinderela’s story: A story of finding the right shoes.

Well, as not like other Indonesians (again… I am not like any other Indonesians) and my friends who can easily buy their stuffs and things in common stores, I have a slightly different size (to who know my size hehehehhe keep quite please…..) and from the beginning of my new trisemester I just realized that I do not have any shoes that can fit properly for my graduation…..C’mon..should I wear my dress with my sport shoes or my slipper? Hihihih that’s my first thought.

Then, I made a complaint to my friends and they replied it by said you are lucky in Australia now, find the shoes with your size…(ehem special size actually). So…the hunt for the right shoes was started…..but it is not easy like everyone said…many stores I entered and no size of mine! together with my friend we hunted the shoes but we were looking for definitely contrary necessity…..that makes the shopkeepers got headache hihihih….. If I saw a right size shoes, whether the colour or the price was not right….or the other side….but never expect too much…almost gave up.

Finally, the search ended up when last week I found my shoes and just near to my place……even I considered it still quite expensive if I converted into my currency (always… taste…hihihih) because I bought two pairs, one for official events and one for casual one. And those were not the end of my shopping shoes, since the store is so close to my place, there is a possibility I can shop more……just everyone else to do…..(justification…..)

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