Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change is the one thing that never change

A week ago when We celebrated Eid Fitri, I saw a tagline on TV said that my office will be cut into two pieces. Fortunately, at the same time, I took a vacancy from my Blackberry Group so I cannot confirm my collegues about that info. A little bit but not sure answer came from my friend that remain me about the latest rumour that a different echelon one but still in the same ministry will take some of authorities to make regulation from my office to. Ok. I got it.

Today is the second day after Eid holiday, this issues became bigger. It looks like no concept yet about this but the Minister eager to do this. Kompas reported that this will happen in short time. Some friends already shared their thoughts.

Then, I am thinking this is my path.. to be witness of change in my office. Accidently I got promoted two months ago to the place that, we are talking now, make the regulation. So, we will wait another month, source said in the last of this year, when it will happen.

I think it will be interesting............

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