Friday, November 5, 2010

Investment for personal

Lately, news about the rising price of Gold as a tool of investment are booming. And of course, my friends and I also infected by that virus too. After we bought one gram of Gold as a souvenir of closing arisan between us, each of Member of Twelve (MoT) actually has own ambition to own Gold (we call it in here LM) for their investments. But we already know how expensive the price while if we buy small one, it costs more.

A month ago after following his twitter, I interested to join AG program when we can buy 25 gr of LM by installment. It is very interesting program so I spread it to my close friend. After a while, I try to socialize to all MoT to try to get 25 gr by ourselves. Hopefully in the next year, we try to do our program. Thanks for AG to inspire us.

Go Gold....

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